Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halfway point reflections

My first attempt at a video log! I'll try to be a bit better with updates, and perhaps do more on video like this. Please leave a comment, I'm curious if people are really checking out this site. In the video I mention procrastination as a big issue for me, and how timeboxing seems to help some. If interested you can read more in this article here, this guy mentions timeboxing in item #6.


  1. You're a badass. I've really liked keeping up with your travels. I'm living it vicariously through you.

    One thing I'd mention to you if you're trying to get more readership is to get involved in the community. That's to say, whatever you see as the main focus of this site (world travel, saling, whatever), start reading and linking to other blogs with similar subject matter and make meaningful comments (not just "hey check out my blog"). The only way to get more readers, in my view, is to really be a part of the network.

    One more thing: you need to widen the main column of the blog to make sure the videos fit. Right now, it skews a little underneath the right column.

    Keep it coming!

  2. Fireside chats! With the Per-ster. I think you need one of Grandpa's sweaters in that setting - spotlight, mug, index cards. Next time get Lexi to sit dutifully by your side. And dispense more wisdom that you've learned on your trip. Except next time, try dispensing more exciting topics related to sailing adventures, I think you might loose your audience with the timeboxing type topics...

    love, yer sis.

  3. You're so cool! Thanks for the thoughtful video update. I like that format a lot! I also like yer sis' ideas for additional props. I'm sure Lexi would be interested in helping. And in spite of the magic of the dark, it's an excellent idea to do the next one in daylight!

    luv ya, Dad

  4. Great video....try to timebox yourself into doing one per week!!! I have been following and reading. It probably is very difficult to get on the internet down there on a regular basis, but keep the blogs coming as often as you can. I am reading furiously with envy. Stacy safe. BTW, a friend of mine in venezuela has been trying to send me a package...do you mind picking it up and brining it back stateside?....aw

  5. Great. I hope you do another one showing us your boat and how you've rigged her.

  6. Great video Perry. Love to see you sweat when I just got back in the house from shoveling snow! Where do you keep all of the rum on board the boat? Keep the posts coming