Friday, November 26, 2010

Grenada to Puerto Rico Pt I

I'm writing this in the marina office and the rain is pouring down in buckets. I've cleared out and payed all my bills, the video is uploading, so as soon as the rain dies down I'm out. I threw in a little intro to the video and I'm rather proud of this one. Well, see for yourself. Part II will be the sail itself, which I will upload in PR. It should take me about 4 days to get there, straight shot across the Caribe Sea. I'm putting a lot of faith in this steering gear...


  1. Wonderful - I loved hearing about your projects and seeing what you've accomplished with readying the boat for your next adventure. bon voyage!

  2. This is great! Just found out about your blog, and I am really happy to follow you on this! We are planning on heading out in about 4 years, so your blog will be awesome to learn more! Thanks for taking the time to do this... I know I will enjoy it!

  3. Really enjoy your blog. The intro to your Pt 1 video was impressive and well selected. I'll be looking for Pt II. A 4 day single handed sail should generate quite a new blog entry. Guess you'll pick this up in P.R. Safe harbor!