Thursday, March 3, 2011

The closing post for S/V Alexandra

I've been back in Charleston for a couple weeks now. The boat sold while I was in Florida and I helped the new owner sail her up to Jacksonville, FL before I caught a ride home. I won't be here for long. I'll be leaving for Japan in early April, though the job-hunt is still ongoing. My aim is to secure a job and be there for 1 to ? years. Usually things have a way of coming together for me, so I'm sure something will work out.

That's it for this blog, though. It was a wonderful adventure and I am so happy I could make this happen for a year. Will I do a Japan blog? Probably not. I follow a lot of those guys, and there are sooo many! Great content and well edited movies. I'm sure I will make a couple movies and I'll post them on my facebook, but that will be the extent of it.

Japanese language study is going really well, 10 months of study so far. I've began learning the kanji characters as well and for this month prior to moving I have promised myself to only watch and listen to Japanese media (except for "The Office" and "Archer"). Last night I watched "Back to the Future" in Japanese, for example. Anyway, I hope to be conversationally confident ASAP and reading japanese texts by next winter.

Thanks for following my travels. Take care!

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