Thursday, February 25, 2010

SEA Update 2: Arrival In Jacksonville

From 18FEB2010
Hello all! After 58 hours at sea we have arrived in Jacksonville, FL. We left Charleston right on time, and faced a stiff west wind right off the bat. I had to reef the main before we even left the jetties and put another reef in (shortening sail) not long after that. Winds increased, seas were pretty high, and the sea sickness hit Brian and I like clockwork. I expected that since I hadn't been to sea since November, but after 24 hours we were feeling fine again. Heading south, before we knew it we were over 60 miles out in the ocean, the water felt warm and lit up with the photofluorescent plankton (or whatever). It was very cold out and at one point a splash of water popped open the forward hatch and Alexandra took in a big gulp of sea water. So, My laundry bags of clothing are all wet, as were most everything in the boat, including bunks! We shivered in our bunks at night with wet cold feet. We decided to head into Jacksonville for some much needed drying out and rest. We sailed in at 8:00 PM Wednesday and anchored just off the beach at the state park, right across from the Naval base. We fixed some hot soup and went to sleep. Then this morning I made coffee and we began taking everything that was wet and hanging it all about the boat, we really looked like a gypsy boat! The sky was clear and everything dried very nicely. We took the dingy over to the beach and let the dog run about and went on a walk. We've now docked the boat at a little nearby marina and stopped at a seafood joint. Unfortunately there aren't any Wireless internet restaurants around here, but I'm sitting on a short wall by the sidewalk and happen to have poached a connection from some nearby house. Hopefully we'll be off to Fort Pierce before noon tomorrow. Take care, and thanks for those well wishes!

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