Saturday, December 25, 2010

Back in the US of A, Baby!

see how tattered my
ensign (American flag) is? It's been a hell of a rough sail from Grenada! I made it to Miami this morning after staying up all night for the sail across the gulf. It was pretty dull, not much wind, cold, and I had to fight the gulf current, which really wanted to shoot me north. Video coming soon! Merry Christmas today!!


  1. Welcome Back! I am glad you made it.


  2. Perry, I want to talk to you about Alexandra, which is purportedly for sale in Charleston, SC. Please contact me at gwhastings (at) comcast (dot) net Thanks!

  3. Is this it?

  4. Sailing through the gulf! What an experience, and you made it, you must have been worn out for sure after fighting the gulf current.

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