Thursday, February 25, 2010

SEA Update 1: S/V ALEXANDRA Departing for sea

From 15FEB2010
Hello Team SEA! (or, Subscribers of Expedition Alexandra ;)
A lot of people asked to be kept up to date on my travels, so I think the simplest way is this e-mail group. I'll add photos any time I get a chance.
With a bit of luck and if there is fair weather and functioning equipment, S/V Alexandra sets out through the Jetties today on the falling morning tide. I've spent countless hours over the last 8 months preparing for this first leg of the voyage and finally the time has come. Alexandra is equipped with a high power wireless network antenna, which will pick up distant networks when we are at anchor near a city. It's no internet at sea, but it will allow me to give occasional updates from the comfort of my cabin.
Setting sail with me as my first crew member is Brian, a new friend. Also joining us is my faithful companion for these past 5 years, the Ship's Dog; Lexi (yes, I know I own a boat, not a ship, but the title sounds cooler this way). We sail south for Florida with Fort Pierce as the proposed first stop, but being flexible is important in sailing, so I won't give any guarantees on destinations or arrival times. Fort Pierce averages a 75 degree high in February, so I'm looking forward to getting there as our first resting point. Farewell for now!


  1. Great blog site Perry. We will follow your adventures through this site from here on out. Keep chasing the warm waters and the calm seas!

    Drew & Lucy

  2. Perry, glad things are going well for you! Keep it up! HJow is Lexi doing ?

  3. Believe it or not it has taken me this long to figure out how to post something and I admit I am very pleased with completing this one. Spring is in full force back here in Charleston and I was I was there away from all this pollen! Take care.

  4. I doubt you still check this site, but here goes anyway. I am very curious about how you find sailing with a full sized dog. I have loads of questions about international travel, exercise, bathroom breaks, etc. I am planning to begin a gradual Pacific circumnavigation during future summers and am working on arranging care for my dogs. It never occurred to me to consider taking them along. If you still check this site, please share any advice you have about sailing with a dog. Thank you.

    1. I never reported the dog when I checked in at a new country, and no one ever really bothered me about her. I suppose I could have gotten in a lot of trouble about it but I didn't. She never learned to go to the bathroom on the deck, she would hold it for days and days, then either relieve herself on shore or on the deck in some sort of panic. I did have other sailors tell me that having a dog is very effective at keeping would-be thieves away.